Boxifier FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync a folder from outside of Dropbox with Boxifier?

You simply right-click the folder and enable syncing with Dropbox. From that moment on, Boxifier picks up any changes you make to that folder and sends them to Dropbox. Check out this article for detailed information.

Does it copy or move folders to the Dropbox folder?

No, that is the Boxifier's promise: syncing without moving. Folders stay in place and they are synchronized without having to move or copy them to the Dropbox folder. Moreover, the synced folder won’t take up any extra space on your computer. Read more about this.

How do you call outside folders that I sync with Boxifier?

‍We call them boxified folders.

Where on the Dropbox website do I find the boxified folders?

Look for a folder called "Boxifier". All outside folders will be synced as subfolders of that folder.

I boxified a folder from one computer. Where do I find it on my other computers running Dropbox?

Look for a folder called “Boxifier” in the Dropbox folder on your other computers running Dropbox. You will find the boxified folder inside that folder.

Is there any possibility to sync folders in Dropbox outside of the Boxifier folder?

Yes, this feature is available for Boxifier Pro, Boxifier Business Plus, Boxifier Business Pro and for both Boxifier server editions. Here is how to synchronize a folder outside the Boxifier folder. Check out this article for more info.

Can I sync a folder from Dropbox to a network share/drive?

Yes, this is possible, too. Check out this article to see how to do that.

I boxified a folder from one computer. Do I need to install Boxifier on my other computers in order to access the contents of that folder?

No need to do that, you only need to install Boxifier on the computer where you boxified the folder.

Can I use the Dropbox context menu items (e.g. Share, Copy link) from the boxified folder?

Yes, all boxified folders get the full functionality of the Dropbox context menu that you know and love.

Do I also get those nice green checkmarks for my files?

Absolutely! Pick any folder and Boxifier will make it look, act and feel just like your Dropbox folder.

Do boxified folders take up twice the space on the computer that I sync them from?

No. Since they are not copied to the Dropbox folder on the computer that you sync them from, they don’t take extra space.

Does Boxifier require my Dropbox username and password?

Boxifier integrates with the Dropbox desktop client so that it works without requiring your Dropbox username or password. It also doesn’t require access to your Dropbox account.

Why doesn’t it require access to my Dropbox account?

Boxifier is a third party application. Some people are not comfortable giving third party applications access to their Dropbox account. That’s why when building Boxifier we made an effort to make it work without needing access to your Dropbox account. This way you can try Boxifier with no worries. We also sleep better at night because of that.

Does it work with folders or network shares, drives or NAS (Network Attached Storage) boxes?

Yes, Boxifier can sync data to and from network shares, drives or NAS with your Dropbox account.

Does it work with folders on external or removable drives?

Yes, Boxifier can sync data to and from desktop PCs, laptops, USB, internal and external drives with your Dropbox account.

Are you sure it works with folders on removable drives? What if I remove the drive?

Yes. Boxifier has built-in protection for this scenario. If you sync a folder from a removable drive and then remove the drive, the contents of that folder will not be removed from your Dropbox.

I have Dropbox installed on my computer and connected my USB portable drive to my computer. If I use Boxifier to sync a folder from the portable drive, will it get copied to the Dropbox folder on my computer and occupy space twice?

No, Boxifier won't copy the folder to your computer. It will transfer the contents of your folder from the portable drive directly to your Dropbox account without copying it to the Dropbox folder on your computer.

Can I mirror folders between multiple computers?

Yes, Boxifier can help you mirror a folder located outside of the Dropbox folder on different computers. Here is how to do that. 

What Dropbox account should I have to synchronize a folder with Boxifier?

All Boxifier for Home editions are compatible with Dropbox Basic/Plus/Pro accounts, while Dropbox Business accounts need Boxifier for Business or Server editions.

What does "Choose Dropbox sync location" mean?

Normally, the folders are synced to a folder named "Boxifier", located in your Dropbox account, but we released a new feature that allows our users to sync folders to Dropbox as top-level folders or as subfolders of a top-level folder from Dropbox. Here is an article explaining how to sync folders outside the Boxifier folder.

What happens when my 1-year license expires?

When a license expires, Boxifier stops syncing the files, but all the data synced until that moment remains in your Dropbox account. All Boxifier licenses require manual renewal, as they don't renew automatically.

My synchronized folders appear as shortcuts. Is it normal?

Absolutely. There is nothing wrong, this is how Boxifier works in order not to waste space in the local Dropbox folder by duplicating the content. The idea behind Boxifier is syncing files and folders to Dropbox without taking space in the local Dropbox folder on the computer where Boxifier is running, thus saving space. However, if you go to and check the "Boxifier" folder, you should see that there is no shortcut there, but there are the files and folders from the folders that Boxifier is syncing. For more details on this, we invite you to read this article.

Awesome! How much does it cost?

The basic edition of Boxifier is free. It supports syncing one local folder outside of Dropbox. If you need to sync more folders or folders from USB/external/removable drives or network drives you can upgrade to a premium edition.                    

Can I try the premium features?

In the basic edition of Boxifier all premium features are available for you to try for 30 minutes. This way you can see if Boxifier really works before deciding to upgrade. We believe you should purchase a license you are completely satisfied with the product. That's how software should work.

Where do I find out more about the premium editions of Boxifier?

You can find out more about the premium editions here.

Is there a Mac version of Boxifier?

We're working on it. If you want to find out more, drop us an e-mail.

I have a question which is not covered here.

You can write to us on All questions are welcome.