Sync and backup any folder

Sync and backup any folder to Dropbox

Dropbox is great, but it only syncs what you put in your Dropbox folder. Boxifier makes Dropbox sync any folder you want.

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Simple as right-click

Designed by people for people.

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    Easy to Use

    Simply right click the folder that you want to sync. That's all. Really.
    Changes that you make to files sync automatically to Dropbox after the initial setup.

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    Your grandma will love it too

    You don't need to be a tech guru to use Boxifier. If your grandma wants to sync photos from her external drive, please let her know about Boxifier. She will thank you later!

Works with external drives

Ever wished you could backup your 500 GB portable hard drive to your 1TB Dropbox account but didn't have enough space on your computer? Let's make it possible.

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    Transfer data from your external drive to your Dropbox account

    Boxifier sends your data from your external drive directly to your Dropbox account, without copying it to the Dropbox folder on your computer. Why use space twice when you don't have to?

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    Unplugged your external drive? No problem.

    If you disconnect your external drive Boxifier will make sure the files you synced from that drive won't get deleted from your Dropbox account.

Works with network drives

Want to backup folders from your local network to Dropbox? Now you can.

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    Access files on your local network using your phone or tablet

    Have some folder on your local or company network that you would like to access when you're not in the office? Now you can.

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    Backup your NAS (network attached storage) to Dropbox

    Want to use the space in your Dropbox account to backup your NAS? Boxifier can help you make use of that space.

Ready for Business

Boxifier also works with your Dropbox Business account

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    Sync your existing file servers with Dropbox Business

    Boxifier makes it possible for you to combine your legacy file storage with the power of Dropbox Business. You can still access your network shares like you used to, while also having them synced to Dropbox.

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    You can still use your personal Dropbox

    Boxifier works with both personal and business accounts at the same time. No need to sacrifice one for the other.

The Dropbox you know and love

Get the familiar Dropbox experience outside of the Dropbox folder.

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    See when sync is complete

    You still get to see which files are synced and which are not. Just look for the green and blue icons you already know.

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    Easily share and view files on

    Right click to share files or view previous versions. Boxified folders look and act just like your Dropbox folder.

Awesome! I want to know more

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    How much does it cost?

    The basic edition of Boxifier is free for non-commercial usage. It supports syncing one local folder (up to 2GB) outside of Dropbox. If you need to sync more folders or folders from USB/external/removable drives or network drives you can upgrade to a premium edition.

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    Where do I find out more about the premium editions of Boxifier?

    You can find out more about the premium editions here.

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    Can I try the premium features?

    In the basic edition of Boxifier all premium features are available for you to try for 30 minutes sessions at any time. This way you can see if Boxifier really works before deciding to upgrade. We believe you should purchase a license only if you are completely satisfied with the product. That's how software should work.

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    I have more questions. Where do I get answers?

    Check the Boxifier FAQ page for more information. Also check out the Help platform, our knowledge base.

Reviews about Boxifier

"Boxifier does what Dropbox should’ve been doing in the first place. It allows users to sync their files without having to move them to a specific Dropbox folder. Plus, it retains the look we’ve been so used to in Dropbox. There are still green checkmarks and the usual menu items we see in Dropbox folders."

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